Local shop offers lawn mower tips as summer heats up

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MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) As summer kicks into gear, it's important to make sure your lawn mower's in its best working condition. Broadway Outdoor Power in Maryville has some tips to extend the life and performance of your mower.

There are two main problems they see: the mower hasn’t been tuned up – which is an easy thing anyone can do; or the gas in the tank is stale and causing problems.

A once a year tune up takes less than 30 minutes and has several benefits.

Tune ups help a lawn mower run better. It will start quickly and run smoothly at full power so you can get your lawn care done and move on to something else.

It also saves money and cut emissions, and it means less gas is needed.

Companies like Briggs & Stratton offer inexpensive kits that include spark plugs, filters, fresh oil and a fuel treatment.

It's also important to take your mower in for occasional tuneups. A technician can sharpen the blade since a dull blade chops the grass rather than making a clean cut. A choppy cut stresses the lawn, exposing it to disease and pests.

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