Local teen joins the Marines following in his family's footsteps

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It's no secret that traditions can hold a family together. A very special family tradition, does even more. It holds the country together. Jericho Clark is a 17 year-old hoping to keep it going.

It's an oath Jericho Clark takes very seriously. Jericho Clark says, "I don't see myself doing anything else."

He's one of many in his family who have repeated those words. He decided 6 months ago he wanted to join the marines. Clark says, "It's something I've always thought about doing. "

In his family, it's something of a tradition. Both of his grandfathers were Marines, and so was his father. Jericho's Dad JD Clark says, "Words can't describe the pride I have. It's pretty amazing. I'm proud of him. I'm nervous and got a bunch of emotions"

Friday, when Jericho took his oath, he did it in a room dedicated to his cousin, Sergeant Michael Ferschke, Junior who was killed in Iraq in 2008. Jericho says, "I miss him, but it's pretty cool that I'm swearing in and going into Marine Corps."

Ferschke's dad was on hand for Jericho's swearing-in ceremony.
Michael Ferschke, Senior says, "Ten years ago my son got sworn in. It's bringing back a lot of memories. I'm proud of what he's going to be doing, but I just hope he's safe"

His mom knows the dangers. Her husband, Jericho's step-dad, is also a Marine on active duty. Jericho's Mom Stephanie Barnard says, "I'm really proud of him and I'm glad to see a man his age is ready to do something so important for his life."

Jericho says, "It's one of those easy decisions for me."

Jericho plans on being in the Marines for 4 years, then deciding what to do next.