Long's makes pancakes for cancer relief and lost coworker

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) Knoxville's long time Long's Drug Store served up short stacks Monday morning in lieu of donations for the American Cancer Society.

The restaurant lost long time employee Sharon Bell three weeks ago to a battle with cancer.

"Cancer don't have no... he's not prejudice. He just takes anybody. Good, bad or whatever. You know, it's tough," said long time friend and coworker Ruth Pate.

The restaurant raised more than $7,000 earlier this year when Bell was diagnosed. Now they raise in her memory to help others who fight the disease.

"I urge everyone to get checkups and to pray for those that are suffering from it, and pray and hope that we get cures for this horrible disease," said customer Dave Beck.

Long's counter now has a hole where Bell once stood.

"She made everyone feel like family. Made everyone feel like friends. And we really loved her and miss her," said Beck.

But Bell's coworkers continue to fight the battle she fought for six months.

All funds raised from Monday's pancake fundraiser will be given to the American Cancer Society.

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