Man accused of burglary says he didn't know

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CROSSVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) People in Camelot subdivision had no idea that one of their neighbors was burglarized.

Back in May, Stephen Amaral told police he let one of his neighbors skinny dip in his pool. While the woman was distracting him, police say a man was stealing things from Amaral's house.

Marty Young, who lives across the street, says he has seen some interesting things, but nothing like this.

"That is a strange situation. I can't believe that happened it just blows my mind," says Young.

Some people weren't even aware that anything had happened, including Michael Smith. Smith is the man named in the police report. He says officers have not questioned him.

We were the ones to inform him actually. Smith says, "I mean this is the first news I've heard of this right here and if there's a police report and it says its hard to locate the subject. How hard is it for the police to come up here and talk to me.

Smith lives just a few doors down from Amaral. He has his own version of the story.

He says, Amaral came up to him and his girlfriend wanting to get rid of some refrigerators. The woman agreed and went down the street to go get them.

While she was there, Amaral asked if she wanted to swim in his pool, and she did. Smith says though that she wasn't naked and that they aren't thieves.

"I'll tell you what I kind of think its bogus. I have no idea what it's talking about," says Smith.

We tried contacting Stephen Amaral, but have not heard back from him. We also tried talking to the Crossville police about their stance on the case. We have yet to hear back from them as well.

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