Man pulled from Anderson Co. trench

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ANDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- All this rain can be dangerous for workers outside. It caused a ditch collapse, trapping a construction worker.

Rescue crews in Anderson County worked quickly to pull the worker to safety. He's was hurt, but will survive. EMS workers tell Local 8 News this kind of rescue can be very dangerous.

It looks like normal road construction, but Thursday morning a man's life was in danger. A construction worker trapped. The man was laying pipe in this ditch when earth and rocks landed on top of him pinning him in the ravine. Andersonville Volunteer Firefighter Lt. Caleb Tuell says, "He had injured his leg more than likely he was knocked down fellow employees kept him dry and calm."

His fellow workers couldn't get him out trying to save him could actually put him in more danger. Lt. Caleb Tuell says, "We waited until they got on scene and confirmed it was stable enough to do an emergency move of the patient."

Crews pulled him to safety and took him to a nearby hospital.
Lt. Caleb Tuell says, "The patient was alert and oriented so he was doing fine."

This was Caleb Tuell's first rescue, but he was ready for whatever happened prepared by intense training.
Lt. Tuell says, "The most important thing is our safety. We'll do anything for the patient, but if we're not safe we can't keep the patient safe."

The worker broke his leg. His name hasn't been released.

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