Meet the Thanksgiving baby born at Tennova Turkey Creek

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Most of us spend Thanksgiving in the kitchen or den, but what about the delivery room? Meet one family who's very thankful for their Thanksgiving baby.

Breanna Hargrove and Brandon McCarn welcomed their new bundle of joy into the world Thanksgiving morning at 1:30. A holiday baby was quite a surprise for these two. Breanna Hargrove says, "I think it will be a cute thing to tell her when she's older. That she came on thanksgiving day."

She weighs 5 pounds and 12 ounces and wasn't due until December 6. She had a better birthday in mind. Breanna Hargrove says, "My grandmother actually called it. She said she'd be born on Thanksgiving Day and I thought she'd come later than that."

They haven't decided on a name yet, they're thinking Avery or Isabella.
They tell me they're just glad she's healthy and happy. While our cameras were there she didn't cry once. We even caught her trying to open her eyes and smile. Brandon McCarn says, "It's a blessing she was born on Thanksgiving Day."

She was one of two babies born at Tennova Turkey Creek on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving babies were also born at Fort Sanders and Physicians Regional Medical Center.

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