Writing memoirs: A keepsake for your kids

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--How would you like to have a record of your parents' thoughts and memories? Maybe a collection of your life stories for your children to read? That's what one group in Knoxville is creating. It's a chance to record life on paper and pass along to generations to come.

It also gets them to sit back and reminisce. I met one woman, who after just 3 months, can't put down her pen.

Margaret Gallaher didn't think she could learn something new, but at 91 she's writing her first book. Not just any book, but the story of her life. Margaret Gallaher says, "It's just something inside me that just wants to write it all out."

Margee, as they call her, is writing about her younger years, her beliefs and values, and her mother. She read us some stories about a doll she got for Christmas back in the great depression, about forgetting notes during her piano recital, and her first dance. Gallaher says, "So it went, boy after boy, all evening. They were cutting in. I suddenly realized I was having the time of my life."

Judith Rothermel started the class at Echo Ridge Retirment Home back in February after going to a seminar. She brought the idea to Knoxville. Now she and her class meet once a week to talk and write about their memories. Judith Rothermel says, "Once it gets on paper for your children and grandchildren to see, it becomes real to them as well."

This class is more than writing though, it's about bringing back memories that have been forgotten. For people in thier 80's and 90's, that's a big deal. Rothermel says, "These women will look at me and say I haven't thought about that in decades."

At first, the women were skeptical, but after several classes the words began to flow and now it makes them smile. Gallaher says, "I just get tickled and laugh out loud as I write them you know? I enjoy remembering these things. I just enjoy writing."

Judith says the class is really taking off. If you would like to attend a class like this, call Judith. Her telephone number is 865-621-4035 or email her at jhrothermel@gmail.com

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