Modern-day cattle rustler strikes in Trousdale County

(Courtesy: WTVF)

HARTSVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – The Sheriff of Trousdale County is trying to track down a modern-day cattle rustler, after he said a man scammed a local livestock market out of five cattle during a sale.

Stetson Holder runs the Trousdale County Livestock Market in Hartsville, and he said a man purchased five of his cattle for more than $5,000 during the sale on Monday. Holder said the check used to pay for the livestock was bogus, and by the time he found out, the man and his cattle were gone.

A surveillance camera on a nearby store captured an image of the very distinctive truck the man was driving. Sheriff Ray Russell said it's a 1999-2002 Chevy 350 pickup, with parts of the truck body red, and parts of it blue.

There's a bizarre twist to this story -- after handing over the bogus check for the cattle, Stetson said the man apparently realized he locked his keys in his truck. When Stetson offered to call the police to unlock his car for free, the man declined, instead opting to break out the back window of his truck to get access to his keys before driving away.

Russell said the wanted cattle rustler is likely going to want to unload the cattle at an upcoming sale around the state or even across state lines.

"You're looking at $5,000 that he can turn around and sell these cattle, and make that much money for himself," Russell said.

If the man is arrested, Russell said he could be charged with passing a forged instrument and theft over $1,000.

The Sheriff's Office said the man driving the pickup was about six-feet-tall, 30-years-old and clean cut.

This isn't the first time this livestock market has been hit. About 6 months ago, a different thief stole nearly a dozen cattle from the Trousdale County Livestock Market in the middle of the night.

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