Neighbors distraught after police officer shoots and kills their landlord

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LOUISVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) Neighbors and friends are asking questions as to why 22 year-old Blount County patrol officer Ernest Ragland shot and killed Henry Taylor in his own garage, saying Taylor was a man who would have never hurt anyone.

The neighborhood off Mentor Road is home to a community of 11 mobile homes, of which Taylor was the landlord. Residents say Taylor was a man who would go out of his way to help others, often working long hours on the property to keep it maintained.

Kayla Croy lives a stone's throw from Taylor and his wife. She says Taylor was more than just a landlord.

"You could talk to him for hours about nothing," Croy explained. "Henry was a very hard-working, very nice guy."

It was a sentiment several others expressed as well. One neighbor, who wanted to only be identified as Mrs. Irons, said she has known Taylor for 13 years and never had one complaint about him.

"He was my friend. He was my husband's friend," Irons said. "It shouldn't have happened to him."

Croy said she was furious when she heard the news that it was a young officer who pulled the trigger and killed Taylor. Nearly 24 hours after the shooting, she still can't wrap her head around what took place only a block away from her home.

"My heart goes out to him (Taylor) because he's just such an amazing guy. And it's horrible to hear that this happened to him."

Irons said that everyone who lives in that neighborhood, is like family. Taylor was the man they could all rely on to get things complete. Things like mowing the grass, cleaning up, and keeping the area safe.

The TBI has taken over the investigation while officer Ragland is on administrative leave.

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