One Mascot neighborhood waits on power to be restored

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MASCOT, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Thousands of people, like Joyce McFarland of Mascot, are still in the dark waiting for the power to return.

"It's really miserable not having any fans or A/C. You have to come outside to get a breeze and stay cool," McFarland said.

Since the storm hit Tuesday, she's been out of power and out some cash.

"All my food is now gone. I was buying ice every day and put some things in a cooler to keep them from spoiling," she said.

It's even cost her some sleep. She's been sleeping on her couch beside a window she leaves open at night for some cool air.

McFarland is one of the man in one Mascot neighborhood without power, but she's more concerned for one of her neighbors than herself. Her 78-year-old neighbor Ruby Pryor who has no a/c.

"She really struggles. The heat's really hard on her. It's hot on any elderly people who have to go through something like this," McFarland said.

"You can't fix yourself nothing to eat or anything. You have to go out and eat it if you get anything, and I'm 78 years old so it's hard to be going up and down the road in the dark," Pryor said.

Pryor got a little help from family and friends Thursday.

Not one but two generators to keep her and her dog cool as she wits for KUB to restore her power.

"They say it'd be one day, then two days and now nobody knows when they're going to get it," Pryor said.

KUB said they're working as fast as they can to get power back to about 20 thousand people.

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