New business offers healthy, allergy-free meals to your door

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Living with food allergies or intolerance can make life tough, but a new company's reaching out to Knoxville to make mealtime a little easier.

Root Diet's goal is to provide healthy, chemical free food that meets your family's needs.

It's the brainchild of restaurant business veteran Greg Highland and his food scientist wife Samma Highland. The duo started cooking up modified recipes more than a decade ago when their daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and Samma found her own gluten intolerance.

Years later, Samma was whipping up recipes for her granddaughter struggling with a whole slew of allergies. That led to cooking for friends, then the idea for a business.

"When I get a food sensitivity, everything has to be an impromptu," said Samma.

And while she spent hours developing recipes in their commercial kitchen, Greg strengthened the business concept, delivering 12 or 18 meals each week to clients.

They focus on gluten-free and plant-based, but they cater to each client's needs. Health is always at the forefront.

"That's the goal. Can you make food that tastes better than it sounds? You know, kale in cookies doesn't sound good, but it's awesome," said Greg.

Lots of the produce even comes from the couple's own Greene County farm.

"You can spell all the words. There's no X's or Z's in it and there's no preservatives either. So that's another big push for us. We don't want preservatives," said Greg.

For now the program feeds 10 households, but the couple says their goal is 20.

In addition to all of those meals, the Highlands run Vegan Valley, producing several non-dairy cheese dips.

Find a link to Root Diet's website below.

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