New businesses opening in Rocky Top

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ROCKY TOP, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Tammy Sharp and her daughter, Sarah Humphrey, recently opened "Royalty Hair Resort" in Rocky Top. In fact, they were the first new business to open after the city changed its name to Rocky Top in June.

"We planned on opening a salon anyways, and the fact that the name changed - we thought, 'Oh, this is great!'" said Humphrey.

They managed to get a building on Main Street and are excited about the number of people who might pass through Rocky Top if a proposed water park becomes a reality.

"If this goes, it's gonna go big, and you're in the perfect spot - so we were very blessed to take advantage of that opportunity," said Sharp.

An antique shop has also opened. A BBQ restaurant and a clothing store will open soon in renovated buildings.

"It's a much faster pace than we've seen businesses open here in the past. So there's a lot of interest with new businesses, there's a lot of interest with property," said Chris Phillips, Rocky Top's city recorder.

Phillips hopes the interest will continue to grow as the city changes its logos, uniforms and signs to say "Rocky Top". The city also hopes to develop land it owns behind the athletic complex into softball and baseball fields, adding to the economic growth.

"As one fellow told us, 'Like the Field of Dreams - If you build it, they'll come.' So in this case, if Rocky Top has that opportunity, people will play softball, baseball, etc," said Tim Sharp, Mayor of Rocky Top.

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