Newsoms joined by crowd on anniversary of murder

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CLAXTON, Tenn. (WVLT) - It's been six years since Hugh and Mary Newsom lost their son Chris in a brutal murder, but the support from friends hasn't faded.

"It's humbling to have everybody out here to honor Chris and to honor us and to be here to share this day with us," said Mary Newsom.

Hugh Newsom spoke to the crowd of more than a hundred people who showed up to release balloons for Chris. He told the story of the last time they ever saw him. Chris told them about the date he had planned with Channon Christian with a huge smile on his face.

"His smile. He had an awesome smile. It was just always teeth and hat with Chris. He always had his Notre Dame hat on," said childhood friend Samantha Plunk.

It wasn't just those that had known Chris who came to release balloons in his honor.

"As a mother I can't imagine going through this and I wanted to show my appreciation and, you know... support for the family," said Shari Bryant.

The Newsoms took time to meet and greet each and every person who joined them at the graveside.

"It does sustain us and give us the strength to go to that hearing on Thursday," said Hugh Newsom.

Thursday will the be 292nd time the couple's sat through proceedings determining the guilt and fate of those suspected of their son's murder. This time, they'll hear whether Lemaricus Davidson gets a retrial.

Channon Christian will be remembered Monday night at her graveside at 5:30.

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