Owner apologizes for mildew found in rental cabin

A church group of about 30 people, mostly kids, from Huntsville, AL, was looking forward to a weekend getaway.

They booked the entire Red Oak Lodge but when they checked in, they said the place wasn't acceptable.

Sierra Jones says, "it smelled bad, there was mold, in the showers, it smelled terrible."

So she called the company they were renting from, Cabins For You and asked for a refund.

"They said they were not giving us a refund, so at that point we we called the police out here and they said they didn't blame us for not wanting to stay here. Then at that point they told us they'd give us a refund if we were really that unhappy," says Jones.

We showed the Owner of Cabins for You Greg Plimpton the pictures.

Plimpton says the damage wasn't mold, it tested to be mildew and they've already fixed the ceilings.

"We made a mistake, we had mildew, it scared them," says Plimpton, "We could've closed that bathroom door and and come in the next day and fix it. There were five other bathrooms but they decided to react, and they wanted their money back so we gave it to them."

Plimpton says their refund was processed and they'll get every cent back.

"Honestly, when this happened I said I don't want to hear the word Gatlinburg again," says Jones.

But in the end, she said they made the most of their time.

They ended up staying at a hotel down the street.

Jones says for the next trip they will check references rather than going online.

Cabins For You manages 13,000 reservations a year at hundreds of properties, Plimpton says you can find plenty of good reviews on their Facebook page.

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