UPDATE: KPD identifies victims killed when truck smashes into house

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The homeowner who woke up early Wednesday morning to the sound of a pickup truck smashing through the walls of his home, said he figured something like this would happen one day.

The two people in the truck died in the crash. They were identified as Justin Grody and Amanda Coggins. Police say Grody, 25 failed to negotiate the left turn, forcing the 70's step-side pickup off the road and into the home where it caught fire. Both he and Coggins, 25, were pronounced dead at the scene.

The homeowner, Dennis Hoffman, and his wife were able to escape injury because they were sleeping in the back of their home when the truck came around the curve on Sanderson Road and into an empty front bedroom.

"It felt like an earthquake," Hoffman said.

Neighbor Janice Dills said she was already awake when she heard the roar of an engine coming down the road. She yelled to wake her husband up, saying there was about to be a car crash. She looked out her front door just after the truck lodged into the Hoffman's home across the street.

"They're mostly coming up the hill," Dills explained about drivers. "They see that hill and they start speeding, and they're coming around too fast and they just miss that curve."

Hoffman and Dills have had cars wind up in their front yards before after people misjudge the curve. Both agreed something needs to be done to keep people from speeding, but also from driving into their yards.

"Something has to be done. If this happened once, it's gonna happen again," Hoffman said.

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