Accused Aurora killer has connection to Knoxville says St. Louis Dispatch

Aurora theater shooting suspect James Holmes in court in Centennial, Colo., on Tuesday, June 4, 2013. Holmes was allowed to change his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity. (AP Photo/The Denver Post, Andy Cross, Pool)

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (WVLT) -- Shortly after the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colo., where 12 people died and more than 70 were injured nearly one year ago, the city's police chief Dan Oates raised eyebrows by saying the suspected shooter James Holmes purchased thousands of rounds of ammunition online.

Days earlier, one of his detectives noted Holmes received four shipments from the website, a company apparently based in St. Louis, Mo., but a new report in the St. Louis Post Dispatch finds the trail may go a bit further and lead right here to East Tennessee.

The paper reported it couldn't find any warehouse or office in St. Louis, nor could the Secretary of State find any record of the company. But, while there doesn't seem to be a company by that name in the Show-Me State, there is one in Tennessee.

The website is owned by a company that also runs the sites, and, LuckyGunner, L.L.C., the Post-Dispatch reported. It added that not only is the company based in Knoxville, the owners live here as well.

Its annual report, filed with the state, lists two managers: Jordan Mollenhour and Dustin E. Gross.

Mollenhour, 31, a graduate of the University of Tennessee, is listed as LuckyGunner’s president. But his ties to the ammo business are harder to discern anywhere else. On his LinkedIn profile, he describes himself as a private investor. He lists his current employer as Business Services & Solutions LLC, another company he runs.

Gross, 32, also a University of Tennessee grad, does the same.

The two Knoxville residents registered LuckyGunner in Tennessee in March 2009, according to records.

Local 8 News is digging into the story here and will have more on it throughout the day.

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