Parents worry about traffic at the new Northshore Elementary School

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Just a few more days of Summer for Knox County students. When class begins Monday, many parents are worried traffic will be a huge headache, even dangerous at one new Knoxville elementary school.

Shanna Sarr, the mother of a second grader at the new Northshore Elementary e-mailed us about this problem. She's worried about how backed up this area will get once school begins. The new school is next to a huge shopping center. Shanna Sarr says, "We were so excited about the new school, but now we have anxiety about getting to school on time."

She lives off Northshore Drive and is worried traffic will be backed up for miles Monday morning. Shanna says, "We're one point three miles from school and it's going to take us nearly an hour to get there. I fully expect traffic to curve all the way down Northshore."

She's worried the narrow, two lane road leading up to the school won't be big enough for buses and parents. She's also concerned the shopping center next door will bring in a lot of traffic. The superintendent assures her and other parents it will be OK. Dr. Jim McIntyre says, "We've thought a lot about what it's going to look like. We expect it to go as smoothly as possible."

He said they've widened the road there at the turn into the school, and put up a new stoplight. Dr. Jim McIntyre says, "We ask for patience. For any new school, the first couple days is going to be a little crazy, but in just a little while we'll get into the patterns."

Sarr says, "We're going to leave early. We'll probably leave very early."

School starts on Monday for Knox County Schools. We'll be there and have video of the traffic if there are any problems.