Police still look for person responsible for killing a local man

Knoxville, Tenn Signs plastered all over Western Heights - Knoxville Police are hoping to catch the person responsible for killing Conrad Wise.

Conrad Wise was shot in the head, left for dead on his way from the grocery store.

Even though that's the last image painted in the minds of many,that's not the way his community remembers him.

"He was a good single father always took care of kids always gave Icees to the kids," said Tamela Smith.

Now Conrad's 15-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter are wondering why someone murdered their father.

"They're still in shock they don't realize why their dad was taken away from them. They're trying to cope with it," said Jalen Sanders.

Conrad's son played ball at the Baptist Center and he'd often come to watch. Also, he spent time volunteering there.

"He would help unload trucks and clean," said Lynn Edwards.

"He would help you do all he could for you. I don't even know why myself," said Smith.

A man described as a good person, gunned down, and that thought alone leaves the Western Heights community on edge.