Presbyterian Churches and Red Cross team up to train volunteers

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- When disasters strike, volunteers are needed immediately.

In a cooperative program, the American Red Cross is training teams how to transform church fellowship halls into volunteer intake centers, enabling willing community members to be quickly processed as volunteers and sent out to help during a disaster.

An orientation to this new cooperative process was presented at Erin Presbyterian Church by American Red Cross instructor, John Jarrard.

Bud Yeard with the American Red Cross said, "You want to be prepared, you want to know all of the emergency organizations that way when something happens you want to know how to work together."

To ensure that emergency crews know how to work together, they hosted a training session on Sunday to get more people involved.

"Often when there's a large group of people, they want to volunteer and they want to help, but they haven't had the proper training that Red Cross offers. This is a way to get accelerated training for people," said Yeard.

If there's a tragic situation in East Tennessee, certified helpers can meet at Erin Presbyterian Church.

The church members learned the importance of CPR, and other required techniques in order to become a certified trainer.

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