Remembering the Blizzard of '93

Blizzard of '93

We asked for your memories from the big snow 20 years ago, and you responded! Check out what east Tennesseans remember most.

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alot of snow and it stayed around for a long time we was out of School for a week it was great back thenTammy Willis
Tennesee Snow Storm 1993: snowed inakcynlyn
I was 8 yrs old and we got 24 inches. It came up past my waist .Brandy Blanton
‎20 years ago, on my 22nd birthday, this is what we awoke to: The Blizzard of '93!!LaDonna Lance Covert
My dad cooked our meals on a propane grill and we all camped out in the living room where the kerosene heater was! Tammy Roberts
My husband and I got married on Friday night, the 12th in Gatlinburg. It was already snowing. On Saturday morning we awoke to all that snow. We had only a small wedding cake and a box of cheese crackers to eat. We did have a gas fireplace in our hotel ...See MoreDonna Vittetoe Stratton
Thanks, Landon Lawson for this great pic! He says this was in the Rocky Branch Community of Blount County.

my son was four and he started crying and said the white stuff ate his dog outside lolJj Papaw Andmamaw
I remember my mom put the snow in the freezer, lol! Said it was history, lol!Rich Childs
Here is a great photo from the Blizzard of '93, 20 years ago today... Roseanne says the family was staying at a Gatlinburg chalet, and woke up to 36 inches of snow! Her son and his friends built a snow tunnel around the house!<br> <br> Wvlt Heather HaleyWVLT Volunteer TV
Took me over an hour to get home (Sweetwater, TN then) from Athens, TN normally a 15 to 20 minute drive. Took three tries to get up the hill where the college is. The last time I went up the hill, I went sideways, but made it. The large hill just going...See MoreRobert Ervin
My Dodge Ram pickup truck was full of snow. The bed literally was overflowing with snow.Chris Jackson
Never lost power I remember an older couple lived next door and I cooked food for them and carried it to them. Remember getting up that morning and tried to open the door to look out and the snow was banked up on themBrenda Gibbs

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