Renegade Mountain residents react to news of arrest and drug related charges

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) Residents living on Renegade Mountain react to the news that two suspects are charged in the quadruple homicide case that rocked their quiet community last week.

Sheppard Speer was in her front yard doing work with life basically back to normal a week after the four bodies were found less than two miles away. She said she refuses to let an incident like this dictate how she lives her life.

"Everybody's distressed that, number one they came here to do it. That they did it anywhere. It didn't matter whether it was on Renegade Mountain or not," Speer said.

Speer added she hasn't appreciated the bad press the mountain has received lately, and wanted to set the record straight that it was still a great place to live.

Other residents said they are just ready to move on and try to forget about what happened. While they feel for and wish to support the families of those who were involved, they say it's time for the mountain to move forward.

"To move on... We want to move on," Norman and Jennifer Renaud agreed together. "It really had nothing to do with us, except this is the place where they picked to do the dealing."

As for the drug charges, Julie Adkins said she wishes there is something that could be done to prevent other kids from falling into similar situations. She said something like this happening is just sad to hear, especially being so close to home.

But all the residents seem to have one thing in common. They have a sense of community.

"We're close-knit up here," Adkins said. "We lookout for each other."

While most admitted that they haven't taken much time to talk to one another about the specifics, they all said that this incident has helped to solidify the sense of community that's felt on top of the mountain.

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