Record-breaking Ryan visit adds $1M to campaign coffers

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT/AP) -- You could say Rep. Paul Ryan definitely got his money's worth here in Knoxville. The Republican vice-presidential nominee was only in town for a couple hours, but still managed to leave with additional million dollars for the campaign.

Organizers said that is the most amount of money raised in the shortest amount of time in the city's history.

The Wisconsin Congressman was the main attraction at a $1,000/plate GOP fundraiser. Around 250 supporters were there as Ryan said President Barack Obama's policies have the country headed toward economic crisis similar to what's occurring in some European countries.

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam introduced Ryan at the luncheon, and said the event had raised about $1 million for Mitt Romney's presidential bid.

About a dozen protesters lined the street outside the hotel where the event was being held, banging a drum and waving signs criticizing the Republican presidential ticket.

Ryan was headed for Memphis for another fundraiser later Thursday.

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is campaigning in Virginia.

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