Riverfest in Loudon will be using high tech cameras to keep you safe

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Keeping people safe at big events is now high tech. We saw how technology helped catch the Boston Marathon bombers. One East Tennessee County is stepping up its surveillance as we get ready to celebrate the last, long weekend of the summer.

It's the second annual Riverfest, but far from routine. A new camera system will be watching your every move.

Four cameras remotely controlled scanning and zooming in very direction. They can see up to a quarter of a mile. All here to prepare this weekend's big event. Loudon Police Sergeant Scott Newman says, "Such a good turnout having again this year."

While you have your eyes on the fireworks, lenses will be on you. Joe Webb says, "We can have eyes on a problem wherever we are in the world."

Loudon police tell me this mobile surveillance system with 28X optical zoom can read a name tag. It records the whole time and has smart track. Owner Joe Webb says, "There's a setting so when a person comes in field of view will zoom in on it and follow it around."

Sergeant Scott Newman plans on using it for security and to find missing children. Sgt. Newman says, "We can go back look and follow with camera and see where he's gone too and that makes a difference."

With 3500 people by the river, they're taking no chances on safety.

The festival starts at 4pm on Saturday and fireworks are at dark.