Roane County leaders not rushing 'In God We Trust' display

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KINGSTON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Four words won't be coming to the Roane County Courthouse anytime soon. County leaders aren't rushing "In God We Trust.”

A resolution in support of displaying those four controversial words inside the county commission chambers and above the main entrance of the courthouse stalled Monday.

Instead of voting on the resolution, commissioners decided to send the idea to the Property Committee. They will review the idea and then decide if it should move forward or not. Those who voted in favor of sending the plan to the committee say their vote isn't about what's going on the building; they are just following protocol. Meanwhile, support in Roane County for putting up "In God We Trust" is strong.

"What I did was made the amendment to the resolution to make sure it went back to the Property Committee so they could hammer out all the fine details, actually give them more authority over the resolution than it going to the committee to begin with. I made that amendment to the resolution hoping we could go forward with it, it didn't happen that way tonight,” says Commissioner Randy Ellis.

Walnut Hill Baptist Church members attended the commission meeting to show their support.

"It's my personal opinion, I believe that if it could help then I believe it should happen, it could set something in motion, it could set something forward, to make a new beginning, a new start,” Eli McAbee says.

There's really no timetable for when the Property Committee could make its decision.

If this resolution passes, it won't cost taxpayers a dime.

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