Salon holds fundraiser for stylist who lost everything in apartment fire

KNOXVILLE,Tenn (WVLT)-- All it took was a cigarette to light Huntington Place Apartments on fire, and rob the families living there of all they had.

Weeks after that fire, two companies are helping rebuild.

Tease, a salon in Bearden offered shampoo and styles on Tuesday for a discounted price, that money went to the families. Starbucks gave those who donated free coffee.

One of their stylists Carrie Bull, was living in the apartments when it caught fire, she and her family were able to get out safely, but all they had with them were the clothes on their back.

"I woke up my boyfriend and we grabbed a cat, and left without shoes, without glasses or contacts, we just got out of the building because there was so much smoke coming in I felt like we only had minutes, maybe seconds," Bull says it was one of the scariest moments of their life.

Now Carrie, her boyfriend and 5 year-old daughter are trying to rebuild their lives. They moved into a vacant apartment on the property.

"I ran out and bought some shoes at least so you know, we've kind of slowly recovered some things, we don't have much but at least we have our basic needs met."

Tease Owner, Brandy Johnson says the fundraiser has been a success.

"When something like this happens it makes you realize how unimportant other things are, really," she says.

Carrie works at both Tease and Starbucks, she says the support has been amazing.

"The kindness of people is truly overwhelming."

"We've had so many people stop by and drop off money," says Johnson, "When our clients are checking out, they'll throw some money in the jar."

Carrie says it's been hard to explain to her young daughter what happened to her toys.

"She'll ask, where's this? And I'll say well it was in the fire so it's gone, and she'll remember."

But she says toys can be replaced, and they are happy they escaped with their lives.

The salon will be doing 10 dollar color hair extensions all week, proceeds of that will go to the families.

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