Scott County's only hospital faces another obstacle

SCOTT COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- The newly named Pioneer Hospital of Scott County is ready to re-open but can't until the Tennessee Department of Health reactivates its license.

According to state officials, the license can't be reactivated unless the hospital provides obstetrical services or obtains a certificate of need to discontinue those services.

Pioneer Community Hospital of Scott County has filed a certificate of need application with the Health Services and Development Agency to discontinue the services, and officials are now waiting to learn if it will be granted. A hearing is scheduled for December 18.

Officials told Local 8 News an emergency hearing has been requested to expedite the process.

If an emergency certification of need were granted, the hospital could open soon. The emergency CON would only be valid for 120 days or less, according to state officials.

The date and time for the emergency hearing is pending.

You can read more about the certificate of need program:

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