Senator Stacey Campfield told to leave restaurant

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT)-- Late yesterday morning, State Senator Stacey Campfield was taking three others to brunch at the Bistro at the Bijou when he was approached by the owner and told to leave.

The owner told Local 8 News she wanted Campfield to know how it feels to be discriminated against- like what she says he was doing to others by his outspoken views.

Last week Campfield did a satellite radio interview in which he said it's virtually impossible to get AIDS from a heterosexual.

Local 8 News talked to Campfield by phone. Local 8 News also caught up with Bistro owner Martha Boggs, who put up a sign that says "Today's special: fried chicken, crispy chicken livers and no Stacey.

Boggs gave her take on what happened. "When I saw him at the door, I decided not the serve him and went over to him and told him he wasn't welcomed here, he kind of knew why (laughs).

Campfield told us by phone, "Just another example of the intolerant left you know it ...different ideas, don't know what to do,how to handle it."

Boggs says the incident wasn't preplanned and she didn't do it for the publicity. Campfield says he doesn't hate gays.

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  • by Michael Location: Pioneer on Feb 21, 2012 at 01:03 AM
    Well, Justice let me be the first to tell you-LEGAL dosen't always make it RIGHT.Sorry to burst that bubble for you.As for YOUR normal-it's completely irrevelant in the grand scale of life.GRAND SCALE? you ask-SO GLAD YOU DID!Contrary to popular belief-America's "justice system" our "balances" are BROKEN.When people go to prison longer for embezelment than for murder-that is insane, and wrong.This country MUST return to the "Christian God"to ever recover from the mess it's in.I am terribly sorry you had a bad experience with TRUE CHRISTIANS (maybe they weren't or you'd sing another song)BUT GOD IS LOVE!And because someone tells you the truth dosen't make them MEAN!I can't know what happened to pervert your view of GOD JEHOVA, all I can tell you is there ARE folks who try to cast an evil light on GOD-nothing is further from true.I can't fully tell in this post his wonderous glory-but I can tell you-HE DOES LOVE EVERYONE!Sinners too!All of us were once in darkness-then JESUS stepped in and brought us into HIS marvelous light(we who have accepted his free gift of salvation).I beg you,search HIM out in HIS word, not MAN'S opinions-I pray you find your faith in HIM once again!
  • by Michael Location: Pioneer on Feb 21, 2012 at 12:30 AM
    Hi,to you Patricia.When has it ever been in bad taste to warn someone when they are making a mistake?Would you let someone get behind the wheel of a 3,00 pound guided missle after getting plastered at a bar?I certainly hope not!That would be "socially irresponsible (endangering not only the drunk driver's life but everyone else on the road) would it not?My Christian duty is to warn my fellow man (or woman,as the case may be)the wages of sin is death.To not only try to help the one who is in the darkness-but the others they will encourage to either enter in as well or stay in it where they are.I'm sorry,you are by no means up for that challenge.The only way to escape the "second death" of hell is to be "born again" through and by the blood of JESUS CHRIST.There is no arguing with him-either accept him or you are rejecting him.If he was your Lord we wouldn't be having this discussion.I love people enough to tell the truth.The ONLY TRUTH IS GOD'S WORD!
  • by Justice Location: East Tennessee on Feb 4, 2012 at 08:32 PM
    TO Sad America: Who says that your normal is right? My normal might be right for me. As for adultry, in a way its already legal. In one word, POLYGAMY which is legal in 43 states including Tennessee. No, to Mr. Campfield. He is an elected official and as such he needs to keep his personal views away from his political position. Stating false and misleading information is not an opinion but gross neglect of the state of Tennessees people and harmful. TO Michael from Pioneer, I have to disagree as I have felt the hate of so called TRUE Christians before. I used to believe in the Christian God but once I finally figured out that no real God would persecute someone based on who they are then I saw things for the truth. TO Michael from Nashville, Mrs. Boggs did not intend for anything more than for Mr. Campfield to know how it felt to be persecuted and discriminated against. She is a better person than he is because she was standing up for those who Mr. Campfield tries to harm with accusations.
  • by Patricia on Feb 4, 2012 at 01:49 PM
    Hi Michael. Thanks for putting me "straight" on that. My apologies for my poor taste - I'd certainly hate to offend anyone! I think perhaps your suggestion that I'm going to hell might seem, to some, to cross the boundaries of generally accepted courtesy, but maybe I'm just too thin-skinned. I rather like the idea of debating my way out of hell, though. Always ready for a challenge!
  • by Michael Location: NAshville on Feb 4, 2012 at 01:38 AM
    While I admit Senator Campfield can go over the top with his comments I don't always agree with him on issues. I have to say. To promote anti-bigotry by being bigoted. Only makes you as bad if not worse than the bigot themselves. When the owner decided not to serve Senator Campfield, that is her right. When she decided to make it public like she did on that sign, she showed she was no better than he was on being bigoted. She from this point foward cannot point a finger at Senator Campfield and be honest about ANYTHING.
  • by Michael Location: Pioneer on Feb 4, 2012 at 12:56 AM
    Would like to reply directly under the folks original comment but dosen't work.So:William,there is nothing moral about standing up for ANYTHING that conflicts the HOLY BIBLE.Not my opinion,straight up fact,and as for the "freedom"you spoke of-a Mercy Me song has a lyric "We're free,in ways we never should be"You're a Republican?So what?Does that supposed to mean you're religious also?Friend, religion will take you nowhere-Jesus and HIS TRUE GOSPEL-now,that will take you straight to HEAVEN!To say "God loves gays"is 100% TRUE!To say "You'll go to Heaven even if you stay gay"-100% false.To say "They can't at all go to Heaven"also 100% FALSE!Good news is HE WILL FORGIVE THEM!But (knew there was a BUT didn't ya'?) but they must repent (turn away from) of their sins and accept Jesus as Lord.It's as simple (and as hard) as that.
  • by Michael Location: Pioneer on Feb 3, 2012 at 12:13 AM
    To Patricia:Sure "normal" by man's standards-God's ?Not so much.YeS,followers of God's word MUST love EVERYONE.Big difference from LOVE to ACCEPTANCE OF SIN.And YES homosexuality IS A SIN!Actually, the only one called an abomination.Not my opinion-this is said by the HOLY BIBLE.I could give the chapter and verse,but I've seen to most it dosen't matter and since there is so little space,just ask,I'll get them to you later.By the way,you made fun of other's errors,well,that's just in poor taste.Perhaps they have the same problem as I-legally blind (20/400).You like to debate Christianity,huh?Maybe you can out debate one of God's servants-so what?I guarantee you,you keep telling folks it's alright to ignore God's Word,and have not Jesus Christ as Savior (the most important thing EVER),then Madam you WILL NOT debate yourself out of HELL!Just the facts-believe it or not.I hope and pray you WILL believe and accept JESUS as LORD and SAVIOR!
  • by Michael Location: Pioneer on Feb 1, 2012 at 02:51 AM
    To Jimmy,why dont you set THOSE IDIOTS straight?Most of us indeed didn't graduate from a university, but are far from morons.I pray we get more GOOD CHRISTIANS in the state and Federal governments with enough backbone in them to stand for what God says is right.All God's children have been called much worse by much better people.CHRISTIANS GIRD YOURSELvFS FOR BATTLE IN JESUS' HOLY NAME!We have given far too much ground already!Indeed, LOVE THE SINNER-but by all means-HATE THEIR SIN!Yes,"Thanks Stacey"-for showing not all us "morons"will accept the filth of unrighteousness quietly!
  • by Michael Location: Pioneer on Feb 1, 2012 at 02:35 AM
    To Ann's comment about Alan- That's your opinion,you surely know what is said about those.His report was plenty objective.As for folks claiming to be "open minded" they accept everyone and everything EXCEPT GOD.JEHOVA not Buddah,Muhammed,Ala....This is a CHRISTIAN nation-adopt our religion or leave.That's what we MUST start insisting on then rpent of our own sin and turn back to him for GOD to bless us.Hate is wrong. GOD is,after all,love.TRUE CHRISTIANS hate noone,not even those who treat us horibly.BUT WE MUST HATE SIN-AS GOD OUR FATHER DOES.Closer to the truth for "open minders" is "Let people do every unGodly thing without having to fear someone will give them GOD's position on it".
  • by Patricia on Feb 1, 2012 at 01:07 AM
    Am I a "normal" person? Heterosexual, married to the same guy for 33 years, three lovely daughters, etc. I guess not, because I'm not "naturally by nature(sic)uncomfortable with same sex sexual activity." It's none of my darn business, actually. My gay friends don't insist on talking about details of their sexual activities any more than I do. "Will we next be made to enmbrace (sic)adultry (sic) and stealing because someone else enjoys that life style?" It seems unlikely. Ask Gingrich on adultery and Romney on stealing. By the way, Sad America (oh the irony!), you say that homosexual activity breaks the laws of nature and of God. While I'd love to debate that one, there's no debate about the fact that you break the laws of spelling and grammar.
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