Stranded Monroe County Dog Rescued by Tellico Village Kayaker Ladies

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MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Recently, one Saturday morning, three Tellico Village ladies were enjoying a quiet kayak trip down the scenic part of the upper Tellico River.

This part of the river was between the Sloane Bridge and Harris Branch Road and 1.5 miles from the nearest house. One lady happened to see something move in the corner of her eye.

Her first thought was that it was a white paper moving in the wind. Then as they went out of their way to investigate, they found a beautiful dog with black ears and a black stub tail sitting all alone stranded on a partially submerged log.

The dog could not swim ashore because of a steep slippery bank on shore. The dog wagged its tail when he saw them approaching.

They were in kayaks that would not support a medium size dog, but realized it was very friendly and happy to see them. With no way to save this stranded dog with their Kayaks, they decided to rapidly paddle the last six miles to their exit point and head home and see what they could do to save the dog.

After multiple phone calls they decided with night fall approaching it was too late in the afternoon to go back for the dog. The next morning they got up very early and returned to see if the stranded dog was still there.

Upon their return, they found the dog wagging its tail and very happy to see them. This time they brought lots of treats and several kayaks that could transport the dog to safety.

They took the dog to the Monroe County Animal Shelter behind Wal-Mart in Madisonville. Clever dedicated ladies!

A special thanks to these wonderful kayakers from Tellico Village who are Dee Prickett, Teri Cox and Nan Woodbury. They are very special compassionate people for doing what they did to help this precious, loving dog in his time of need.

Call the Monroe County Animal Shelter if you're interested in adopting Kenny or know of the owner. The number is (423) 442-1015

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