Crimetracker: Student arrested after punching officer

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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) - A police officer assigned to protect students, was forced to protect herself at school.

18-year-old Christopher Arwood was arrested on Thursday at Oak Ridge High School shortly after he punched the school resource officer in the face.

Police say the fight started inside the school cafeteria, when Arwood, got upset and threatened a teacher.

That's when School Resource Officer Sherrill Selby stepped in.

"Officer Selby got him outside. Got him calmed down, and once he got outside, he kicked over a trash can," said Oak Ridge Police Chief James Akagi.

He says that's when she called for backup, and he responded to that by punching her in the face.

We spoke to some students who say they saw what happened.

"It was crazy. I know I wouldn't do it. I don't know what was going through his mind, but I thought it was crazy, scary," said Jordan, a sophomore at OR HS.

"The only thing she can do is rely on her training and experience, and that's what she did," said Chief Akagi.

The police chief says the officer kept him calm until backup arrived, and arrested Arwood.

He's proud of what Selby did, especially as the role of police officers in schools is scrutinized more than ever before.

"Everyone's expectations have risen. Not just the officers expectations, but our school staff, our parents, our students' expectations," said Chief Akagi.

Selby was back at school the next day, showing everyone that she is there for the kids, no matter what happens.

Chief Akagi says Arwood was also back in school today, but he is facing a disciplinary hearing.

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