The Vol Navy; a Tennessee Tradition

Knoxville, Tenn. WVLT-TV It's safe to say, that in East, Tennessee Football is not a past time, it's a second religion.
Tennessee Fan, Michael Barbrow says, "You don't understand, people come down here not just for ball games. You come for the ball games, you come for the food and friends."
One necessity for tail gating is the Vol Navy, a tradition started in 1962 by a former Vol broadcaster George Mooney .

Hundreds of boats of all shapes and sizes make up this giant floating tailgate party on the river. And fans know the facts-- UT is one of two stadiums in the nation accessible by boat.

Barbrow explains, "We came up on Friday afternoon of last week. It took us about two and half hours. We fought the wind, rain, storms, and seas, but we're here!"

The lifestyle of the Vol Navy is completely unique, As you can see here most yachts are equipped with multiple bedrooms. Serving as a home for weeks.
The Vol Navy puts their lives on hold, all to have the best spot next to Neyland Stadium.

Scarlett Lynch explains, "Just excitement, I mean you can feel it In the air. Even though it's hot out here, you still get a little chill, you know it's coming, and with a new coach I just think everyone is really excited this year."

Fans say when they're in the water, it's never too early to celebrate their favorite team. They say partying is part of their family tradition.