Tim Burchett unopposed in race for county mayor

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Two high-profile Knox County leaders may have won a term in office Thursday - because nobody ran against them.

The deadline to file for the upcoming election ended at Noon Thursday, leaving the candidates for mayor and district attorney unopposed.

Charme knight - unofficially the new district attorney - replaces the man who's been DA for 22 years, Randy Nichols, who's retiring at the end of his term.

"I was geared up to really be fighting and campaigning until august. So to be here on February 20, i don't think it's really sunk in," she said.

Knight, who's currently an assistant DA, said their office is already tough on crime - but thinks there's more to do

"I think the district attorney has a responsibility to our citizens to try and prevent crime as much as possible," she said. Because any victim that does not victimize is a win."

Thursday's deadline also brought good news for Mayor Tim Burchett - running unopposed. He credits county employees for that.

"My daddy used to tell me we succeed in this country in spite of our politicians, and i guess I'm living proof of that," he said.

Eliminating duplicate positions is one goal for his final term, he said.

"There wouldn't necessarily be any wholesale firings, but that's something you can look at through attrition," he said. "Too many times in government people want to leave a big building or a big program named after them. I'd rather, when I leave office in four years, leave a little less government for the folks to deal with."

The hottest race on the ballot is the election for criminal court clerk.

Three people are in the running: Assistant District Attorney Jason Hunnicutt, County Commissioner Mike Hammond and attorney Steve Williams.Current Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey dropped out of the race this week amid allegations of mishandled paperwork.

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