Trinity Health Foundation awards $700K in grants

Knoxville (WVLT) Organizations aimed at improving the lives of people in East Tennessee communities are getting some big help with a few big checks.

The Trinity Health Foundation presented awards to five non-profit organizations at a gala Wednesday at The Foundry in downtown Knoxville.

Each organization will receive nearly $150,000. That money is aimed at starting new programs to improve people's “physical, emotional and spiritual health.”

Organizations include Breakthrough Corporation, Compassion Coalition, Emerald Youth Foundation, InterFaith Health Clinic and University of Tennessee Medical Center Department of Pastoral Care.

Trinity said the grants should go towards creating new, innovative ways to assist people.

“All of these programs that are going to be put in place with our grant money are actually new programs,” Trinity Chairperson Connie Hutchins said. “There is nothing else that is in existence in the East Tennessee area that does exactly what these programs are doing.”

The groups won't receive all the money at one time. At the end of the year, Trinity will review each group's progress, and award the rest of the money if they feel the groups' progress is satisfactory.

Trinity has given out over $1 million in grants since they started their awards program.

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