Two deputies on paid leave, one deputy fired

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More than likely you've seen the pictures of a Knox County Sheriff's Officer allegedly choking a UT student. Frank Phillips was fired last night after 22 years on the force.

He's been with the department since 1992. He was promoted through the years to patrol sergeant even earning employee of the month twice in his career, but in 2011 that all changed. He was demoted to patrol officer for insubordination then fired this week for negligence.

It all stems from a block party Saturday night when Phillips tried to arrest Jarod Dotson. The police report says Officer Phillips applied pressure to Dotson's ear when he resisted arrest. After that, pictures show Dotson fell to his knees. The report says Dotson obeyed verbal instructions to go to his knees. Students who attended the party were shocked.

Daniel Jackson was at the party and says, "He has no right to beat or assault a student just because he gets harassed a little bit. It's wrong to disrespect authority but it's wrong for authority to abuse what we give them."

Two deputies, Ronald Chaperon, Junior and Brandon Gilliam, have been placed on paid leave for now.