Vote WVLT-TV's Jan Charles for Food Network Show

As you may (or may not know because it was a secret), Jan spent the summer competing on a reality show for Food Network called Restaurant Express.

It debuts on Food Network November 3rd at 9pm.

We hope you'll tune in - but for now Jan needs help as the Food Network has launched a "Fan Favorite" page.

Fans and followers can vote for their favorite. So far she is in the lead - because she has an amazing support base!

You can vote up to 10X a day - and the caveat is - you can vote 10X a day PER DEVICE. Or ISP address.

Vote for Jan Charles! (Grab the link attached!) She wants the Network to see that although East Tennessee has been under-represented in the food world up until now, we are all fans of great food!

And if you want to see the sneak peak at the premiere episode before it airs, and check out how Jan did in the initial competitions, you can check that out here by grabbing the link!

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