Vandals caught on camera

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Vandals caught on camera in Knox County. The video shows two guys in the back of a pick-up and one is throwing something. Local 8 News Anchor Lauren Davis talked to the homeowner who tells us he put up security cameras and caught two guys up to no good.

In the video Davy Crockett posted online two guys in the back of a pickup throw rocks at his car. In another slowed down version you can see the truck. It's two toned with a white stripe down the side.
Davy Crockett says, "Somebody will know that truck and the young men in the back of it. Straight up vandalism."

This all started back in June, when Davy walked outside and found the back window of his Toyota Rav Four smashed out. He found a rock lying inside the SUV. He instantly installed 11 security cameras around the buildings to catch the vandals. Davy Crockett says, "It's just people going around doing crazy things. Kids have too much time on their hands."

Then last month he caught two guys on camera. This time the two didn't hit his Toyota, but nailed his tenant's red car and broke her back window. The rock also hit his other neighbor's truck putting a big dent in his front right fender. Davy Crockett says, "I want to see them get charged. Number one we'll sue them of course."

Davy says the damage is more than a thousand dollars and it cost him another grand to install the cameras.

Loudon Police Department experienced something similar. Sergeant Newman with Loudon PD said someone did the same thing back in August smashing windows, on a police cruiser, two county cars and the clerk's office window with rocks. Sgt. Newman's going to take a look at the video and see if the two are connected.

If you recognize the truck or two people in the back throwing rocks, call Knox Co. Sheriff's Office.