Veteran Upset HOA Wants Her To Remove Flagpole

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FARRAGUT, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Flying the American flag is extremely important for Delia Foster, a 24-year Air Force veteran.

"It is the symbol of our freedom that people who have served have served for, that people have died for. And I think it deserves a great deal of respect and one of the best ways to show that is to let it fly free, from a standing flag pole," said Foster.

So when her brother gifted her a flagpole set over the summer, she set it up in her front yard. But that didn't sit well with the View Harbour Home Owners Association.

"One part of the covenant says no building, wall, drive or other structure can be erected or allowed to remain on any lot without prior approval from the board," said Foster.

Foster said she didn't realize her flagpole would be considered a structure, and said the HOA has been fining her ever since. Because she fears a lawsuit in the future, she's planning to take the flag down on Saturday.

"Members of the American Legion are going to come, they're going to fold the flag, present it to me and then they're going to dismantle the flag pole," said Foster.

Neighbors are divided on the issue - some think the HOA should make an exception for Foster's flagpole, saying it isn't an eyesore.

"Let her keep her flag and focus on things that bring more value to the neighborhood rather than that," said Jeff Bolin, a neighbor.

Others said Foster could fly her flag from a porch bracket instead, like many of her neighbors do - and said the HOA shouldn't make exceptions to the rules.

"I believe that with all of my heart - that you can't make exceptions for one, because then you have to do it for all - and that's just not how it works," said Teresa Huggins, a neighbor.

Foster's flag lowering ceremony is set for 3 p.m. Saturday at her home on Cross Meadows Road in Farragut.

The president of the HOA had no comment, saying she needs to protect the privacy of the HOA and the homeowner.