Volunteer Spirit: 8 Year old running and raising money for cancer

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- She's a tough one to keep up with since she plays piano, basketball, likes to swim, wants to play guitar and tennis! Right now she is in training to run a mini marathon in Nashville.

Her 2.6 mile run is part of the St. Jude Country Music Marathon Children's Research Hospital on April 27, 2013.

She has a lot of friends running along with her. And her dad, Marshall Stanger is running the entire marathon.

The family is trying to raise $100,000 for the hospital. It's a way for them to give back to a place that's helping Audry battle her cancer.

Marshall says,"I grew up running quite a bit and when I saw St Jude, what better opportunity to jump back in and help the hospital that has done so much for our family."

Audrey says, "I have a tumor in my diaphragm."

She's been treated for cancer since December 2011.

"She knows St Jude's has really helped her fight this tumor with a non-toxic low dose form of chemo. It's just amazing. She knows and sees the kids who couldn't fight it the same way, who had to have a harder road," according to Audrey's mom, Lynn Stanger

Audry says she feels good and is ready to run the mini.

"Her tumor has gone down from a baseball to just a little smidge. We're going into stay with the medicine so there is no new growth, but she is doing great!" says Audry's mom.

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