Volunteer Spirit: Traveling Elvis brings back pleasant memories for seniors

KNOXVILLE, Tenn The King of Rock-n-Roll puts on quite a show no matter where he goes.

"Everybody's singing dancing, clapping and really involved. That's what we want, we want people to come in and get them engaged, get them involved, " says Kathy Broggy, activities director at Courtyard Senior living Center.

And this Elvis sure knows how to work a room of senior citizens.

Broggy says, "He's great and nothing phases him. People with dementia can react in different ways and he just goes with the flow."

In his infamous white beaded jumpsuit, Elvis performed his classic hits, triggering the seniors' memories.

"This is something they remember. At the beginning of his career they were there for it and later years there kids were. So this is something that comes back after generations. One question I get when I say Elvis is coming is, isn't he dead?" laughs Broggy.

Matthew Scott says, "Elvis was their guy he made a great impact, and he's the guy they connect with. Even with Alzheimer's they don't forget about Elvis."

Scott is a traveling Elvis.

He says, "This is a ministry I do. I travel 5-6 states. I minister to the hurting people. I do the hits of Elvis, a little bit of country a little bit of gospel. Fun songs, get everybody smiling. Give them a little bit of love, that's what I try to do."

The performance is only an hour long, but it will actually have lasting effects on the people in that room."

Kathy says, "it changes the whole day. Everyone's in a good mood, they're happy, they've had a good time, that will last all day. They will be upbeat. We will sing all afternoon."

All thanks to him, the "Hunk of Burning Love!

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