Volunteer Spirit at festivals could mean big $ for non-profits

KNOXVILLE, TN. It's a sold out crowd every October when the Brewer's Jam takes over World's Fair Park.

More than four thousand people raise their glass to sample a variety of small brews and ciders too.

And their contribution funnels back into the community by the group behind it all.

Shellie Wascom, the Executive Director says, "Community Shares is an organization that raises money for 50 other Tennessee organizations that are trying to get to the root of the problem, like environmental, violence, and poverty."

And, pet over-population!

Jessica Popek of the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley says, "We have very aggressive spay and neuter programs. We shelter abandoned and abused as well as neglected animals. We do not practice euthanasia."

The shelter gets about $60,000 a year from Community Shares.
That's 30 to 40 percent of it's operating budget.

And with the funding, the shelter can use the money however they want to help the animals find their forever homes.

Jessica says, "The way they operate is that companies do payroll giving and non profits like ourselves, the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley, we are a recipient of that money and every quarter we get a check and it's fantastic!"

And, more money in the door, means getting more of these homeless pets, out the door.

Grab the link to learn more about Community Shares.

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