Website links visitors to Smokies attractions

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A new website launched in the Smokies will offer a new vacation planning tool for visitors.

Brochure Distribution Services describes the website as a new way for families, couples and individuals to make planning a getaway to the beautiful Smoky Mountain area easy with a new site that offers the best travel planning solution for consumers.

"We're looking at expanding the eyes so to speak. Being able to get the traveler and the user and the consumer involved and embracing it," said Steve Williams, BDS General Manager. will take all the brochures that businesses print and put them into an interactive website complete with videos and pictures. Guests can save a brochure to their phone or keep it 'on the rack' to review later.

"All your pictures, your videos, anything that you want to share as a business, saying this is how I want to drive my clientele to understand me, we've allowed them to have that all in one component," said developer Andrew Parrott.

BDS hopes to expand the program in the coming years, maybe even to other tourist markets.

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