West Hills protesting new Tennova Hospital

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Tensions between hospital officials and people are getting high and now a battle is brewing.

Rahmaine Davenport moved to West Hills three years ago. Rahmaine Davenport says, "It's a nice neighborhood."

She bought the big white home on the corner lot where her four kids could play. Tennova wants to put in a 300 bed hospital on Middlebrook Pike a few blocks away across from Dowell Springs.
Davenport says, "The traffic already cuts through here. It will be a huge traffic nightmare."

That's why she's putting these signs in her yard and so are all her neighbors. Davenport says, "It means heavier traffic, then helicopter noise, and then it brings the property value down."

Tennova says it's had great conversations recently with the people who live in West Hills. Assistant Vice President of Business Development for Tennova Healthcare Melanie Robinson says, "We want to make sure we do everything we can to keep traffic flowing through Middlebrook Pike."

Robinson also says they've made changes to the original plans like reducing noise, managing lighting, and ensuring drainage isn't a problem. Robinson says, "We live in a place where they have free speech. If they have concerns, that's a way they can voice them. We are very interested in being good neighbors."

Davenport says that's not enough, "It gives me motivation to move somewhere else."

The planning commission approved rezoning for the hospital, but there are several more proposals that must be approved. Construction could begin as early as next July.