With high winds blowing, keep your home storm ready

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) High winds are expected throughout Thursday night around East Tennessee, which means keeping your home safe from flying debris is as critical as ever.

Sammy Savage is the local owner of Savage Restoration and Construction, and sees damage that can be easily prevented after every storm that blows through.

Savage provided some tips to homeowners on things to do before a storm comes in, as well as what to do once it has cleared out.

"We're looking for anything that overhangs the house, like this tree and limbs that are hanging over this house, which potentially could cause severe damage," Savage said as he pointed at a tree.

Savage said the recent snow fall has saturated the ground, which makes it easier for trees to fall and land on, or even in, someone's house.

"We've seen that before," Savage explained. "That's just an incredible amount of damage."

He said it's a good idea to walk around your home, and check for anything that looks out of place. Check for loose shingles, dislodged siding or cracked or broken glass. He suggested to get all those fixed before the next storm comes in. And make sure any lightweight objects are tied down or brought inside.

He said broken tree limbs can be especially dangerous to homes.

"That's one of those things that becomes a flying object, which can hit your house, go through a window and damage your gutters. It can just destroy your home," Savage said.

As for what to do after the storm has passed? Savage recommends getting outside and doing another walk around the house to look for anything that seems out of place.

"Take your time and look for anything that's out of the ordinary," he said.

He also suggested that if you are unsure if you have any damage, or if you should call your insurance to file a claim, it could save you money to call out a contractor to check to make sure a claim is truly needed.

If you have a question about damage to your home, you can contact Savage Restoration and Construction by checking out their Facebook page.

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