Woman arrested after purse snatching in Sevierville

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Sevierville Police have arrested a woman for stealing a purse out of a car at The Bluffs on Parkway.

Police say last month Kylie Pollard snatched the purse, but wasn't arrested until Wednesday afternoon. She is charged with burglary.

Sevierville Police Spokesperson, Bob Stahlke, says people need to be aware of what's around them while out shopping.

"They will watch and watch and watch that shopper and learn what their habits are and when they can get in there and grab that," he said. "Especially around the holidays it seems like it happens more, I don't know if it's because thieves needed money more or just because there's so many visitors here."

Police say women should lock pocket books in the trunk, or keep on them at all times while inside. They say if you do put your purse in the shopping cart, wrap the straps around the cart handles and zip it up.

Men should keep their wallets in the front pockets.

Police say a post on Facebook helped lead them to arrest Pollard.

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