Workhouse approved for inmates

CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Anderson County Commission has said yes to a new type of program for inmates called a workhouse.

The plan is part of the effort to keep non-violent offenders from being put back into jail in the future. The county hopes it saves them part of the 60 dollars per day to house an inmate. Plus they're hoping those people arrested will be able to keep their jobs while incarcerated.

"If you're in on something like child support and you've got a job, you'd be able to get out and go to your job," said Sheriff Paul White.

"Chances are when you come in for 30 to 90 days you won't have
a job when you come out. So then they can continue paying child support while they're in jail."

The way it could work, the inmates will pay $15 a day to work, and for every day on the job, it counts as two days served behind bars. Inmates would report back to jail at night.

It'll be a while before the program starts. It still needs state classification and the county needs to open a new section of the jail.

"Most likely they would not be in the new section. They would be in the old section. We have a section we'd set aside for that," said the sheriff.

The county hopes after moving into the new jail section in April they can start work on getting classified.

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