Rerun club says goodbye to Andy Griffith

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT)---Meet Bo Pierce, aka Briscoe Darling.

"I can take a little cleanin', I can take a little manners, i ain't about to get beat to death with no spoon"

"I enjoy the character, he's a mountain character."

Also say hay to Barney Fife, aka Sammy Sawyer.

"I've played Barney since a kid, watching it on tv.

And the top Andy Griffith trivia expert in America, Dennis Beal. THE

All belong to the Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club and all in their own way saying goodbye to an icon of tv.

Bo Pierce said, "I'm sure he was the glue that held it together for one thing".

Dennis Beal told Local 8 News, "As a great entertainer, great role model on tv as a parent.
That's another reason the Andy Griffith show was so distinctive, because he's a wise father, and he's trying to raise
his son the best he can using morals and good examples."

That's echoed by Dennis's favorite episode Man in a Hurry, when an impatient man comes to town, and can't wait to leave, in the end, a lesson is learned.

Sammy Sawyer says, "Don Knotts and Andy Griffith would even tell you when Don died, they were very close and got along well, when they sat
around the table like we are, and talked about episodes there was a great chemistry and would feed off one another."

Like in Sammy's favorite scene from episode 103. Sammy says he even takes it to churches as a learning tool.

"It's where Barnie recites the preamble".

Andy Griffith who's legacy still continues via television and movies , but a character that still influences generations in a positive way.

"He's everybody's pa, he's Mayberry's, everybody's home town."


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