Living Large on Love, Part 1

Knoxville (WVLT) - "He's got another cup over there, I think it's his turn now."

"Ok, you're going good, let me have it here, thank you"

It's 8:00 a.m. Thursday morning.

"Put the egg, no put the eggs over there in those bowls, no, eggs where."

For most of us, breakfast time is quick and out the door. Not this family. It's not that it's an ordeal, it just takes a little longer. You see, Ken and Linda Piety felt a calling years ago, so they began adopting children. So far, they have 27.

"The most we had living at home were 19 children and at that time, a lot of times the older children would help, and they would be responsible for breakfast because then I was working, I had to be at work myself," Ken Piety says.

They lived in this house in the Karns community. Imagine 19 children, mostly teenagers, with only four bedrooms.

"Now, that will kill you right there."

Years later they added 5 more, but it still wasn't big enough.

Ken was working like mad, along with getting his doctorate in nuclear engineering. He then started a company called Computational Systems Incorporated, or CSI, worth $70 million in 1998, he sold it for a huge profit.

"God doesn't go smaller, smaller, God goes bigger, bigger, bigger," says Linda Piety, Ken's wife.

Their home is now 30,000 square feet with 18 bedrooms.

"10 of which we live in," says Ken.

Ken turned into the chief cook with "just" eleven still living at home, now breakfast is a much smaller affair.

"It would be about a pound of bacon, a dozen and a half eggs, probably that would be the normal," he says.

Add a pack of English muffins, a dozen biscuits, at least a gallon of milk and juice, and there you have it.

This picture of a busy morning breakfast table is one this couple had envisioned for years.

"I was thinking, maybe 6 to 12 children we wanted a big family, 6 to 12 in my mind, then it started happening god started bringing children got to be 5, then 10," says Ken.

With no standard for looks, race, gender or physical boundaries.

"Our thought was God, we'll take whatever children you bring to us, we're asking that you'll help us take care of them physically, financially, emotionally, that we can bring children and turn their hearts toward you," Ken says.

They range in age from 41 down to 8. For most people 27 children could easily turn into a burden rather than a blessing.

You just have to say their last name to get the true picture, Piety, reverence for God, devout fulfillment, quite simply... A calling.


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