Living Large on Love, Part 4

Knoxville (WVLT) - "Father, we're so thankful tonight of all that we have, you have given us so much, tell you how much we appreciate that and you've given us."

In this hectic world, with work, ballgames, and homework, besides Thanksgiving, how many of us are still able to gather around the dinner table at one time?

For Ken and Linda Piety, who've through the years raised 27 children, it's just about every night, sharing stories of the day, relating one on one.

Of the 27, 24 of them are adopted. But everyone is loved like they were the first.

"So we felt like God was leading us to adopt children as a way of creating our family. We knew we could have children, thought we could, but weren't sure that's what we should do since there were so many children who needed homes and we felt we could love these children we didn't give birth to," Linda says.

But along the way, there's been a lot of anxiety about who they are and why they're here, not just from Ken and Linda.

"They still have questions about being adopted and being different in color or race some of the kids in wheelchairs have real struggles with why did God do this to me? Or why am I here and I want to do these things and I can't," Linda says.

A lot of those insecurities are put to rest by the responsibilities each one is given.

"The older ones have to be responsible for helping the younger ones, so the older children get to give a hand to the younger ones," Ken says. "In the morning's they know their jobs because we only have about 30 to 45 minutes before we get in the car, so they've got to be doing what they need to do or we'll not make it to school on time.

And they've got the system down.

This morning, they all 11 helped prepare breakfast at 8, had finished and eaten by 8:30.

And who does the shopping? Since Ken is the cook, that title goes to him.

Not to the convenience store, but to the big dog, SAMS.

A tub of this, bags of that, a bucket of something else, only to last until… the next week.

Raising 27 children is a monumental responsibility, but one the Piety's say is a true blessing.

"We have food and a place to live, we have so many people here to love and share with, we just want to thank you for that, we don't take it for granted," Ken says.


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