Incandescent bulbs phasing out

(WVLT) -- The 100-watt light bulb is on its way out of the picture thanks to the Energy Independence and Security Act. It passed in 2007, saying manufacturers must stop producing the 100 Watt A line incandescent bulbs in January 2012. 75 Watt A line incandescent bulbs will phase out in 2013, followed by the 60 and 40 Watt A line incandescent bulbs in 2014.

The popular 100-watt light bulb wastes up to 90 percent of the electricity by consuming heat, burning up hundreds of dollars every year in American households and increasing air pollution that harms human health and the environment, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. But much of this expense is unnecessary and easily avoidable.

We talked with Stephanie J. Anderson, a lighting expert, who says we'll start seeing new labels on light bulb packages and new energy efficient light bulb choices like halogen light bulbs and LED bulbs.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the nation spends about one-quarter of our electricity on lighting, at a cost of more than $37 billion annually. Only 36% of Americans are aware that federal legislation will phase out standard incandescent light bulbs and only 19% know that the 100-watt will be phased out first, starting January 1, 2012. Sixty three percent (63%) of the 7 billion lamps in the United States are incandescent, which only produce 10% of their energy as light. The remaining 90% is given off as heat.

New bulbs to eventually replace the 100-watt are halogen and LED bulbs. Halogen bulbs are typically less expensive but they don't last nearly as long as a LED bulb. If consumers would like to save money in the long run, experts recommend the LED bulb.

Stephanie says, "The typical electric accounts for about 14% of that so using a halogen light bulb which uses a third less energy or an LED light bulb that uses 80% less energy, can save you money every month." She also reminds us "What you want to look for is that lighting facts label. That's going to tell you just how bright that light bulb is going to be compared to the one that you're replacing."

To learn more about the phase-out of 100-watt bulbs and the replacement LED/halogen bulbs, visit


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