Get Fit Friday: Cardio training

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Staying active and fit are important at any age but how do you achieve the best workout possible? It actually has a lot to do with your heart rate and keeping in a certain range to lose weight or just stay toned. We met up with Lisa Wolf from the Wellness Center at Dowell Springs who filled us in on a class that could help you achieve your fitness goals.

It's called "Cardio Fit" and it's a new class at the Wellness Center. Lisa Wolf gives us more details,"It's a 60 minute class that is really cardio based. A lot of group exercise classes have a strengthening compote but miss the cardio aspect. Therefore, we wanted to find a workout that was just cardio."

When working out there's a lot that you need to focus on but one of the most important things is your heart rate. It could be the one element that your missing when you're working out.

" A lot of people workout and don't ever see results especially with their cardio workouts so we wanted teach them number one to get into an effective training zone." Lisa explains.

So the big question is; what is an effective training zone?

Lisa says, "Heart rate zones are tricky you can actually get up to 70% and you're still doing this fat burning where as when you get up to the 80% and 90% of your heart rate you're actually using carbohydrates as a source of fuel and not necessarily fat."

But everyone has a different heart rate zone so Lisa tells us how to determine your very own zone.

"What a heart rate zone is 220 minus your age is your heart rate max and that's just a general average a general number. You just want to find your pulse and you can either do that on your neck or on your wrist. You can take a 10 second count and multiply it by 6 that's going to be a pretty standard heart rate measurement."

No matter what exercise you choose; keep an eye on that heart rate!

"You can actually see your heart rate gradually going up over time. It peaks. It plateaus. Then you want to bring it down slowly, because if you're at a peak rate or a maximum heart rate even, if you're just stopping your activity, you could set yourself up for things like passing out. "

Check out for more information about different classes you can attend!


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