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Wearable UV patch can improve sun safety

RECALL ALERT: Clif Bar products recalled due to nut allergy reports

Science backs certain pregnancy superstitions

What you should know before buying sunglasses

Have you ever heard of "Dead butt syndrome"?

Scientists aim to monitor health stats with color-changing tattoos

Reporting cancer complications may boost survival

Man dies of infection after swimming in ocean with new tattoo

Get the best use out of your sunscreen

Are you cheating on your gym membership?

Need a ride to the doctor? Blue Cross Blue Shield wants to help

Gym chain offering new "Napercise" fitness classes

FDA approves 1st targeted drug for certain leukemia patients

Possible link between diet sodas and stroke, dementia

Money worries keeping Americans up at night

Does Facebook make you unhappy? New study says yes

Target recalls Easter toys due to "serious hazard"

New study finds marathons could delay medical care for others

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